About us


As an entrepreneur in the horticultural sector, you want to amaze your clients, not only with your products and offers, but also with your presentation! After all, around 70% of all buying decisions are made on the spot. Modern consumers want to be informed and to be inspired. Codema WEVAB retail offers you support with improving your in-store communications and presentations, whilst you stay in control of your corporate identity.

Are you looking to improve your store lay-out and the presentation of your products? We would be happy
to share our experience with you.


Times are changing, and retail is as dynamic as any other branch. Therefore, in addition to our successful delivery programme, we highly value the continuous improvement and development of new presentation products. With every new development, we put the consumer – your client – at the heart of the design. The utilization of the display will be translated into a functional and attractive design.

We are proud to have our own skilled engineers who can make modi cations to our standard products
or design completely new products to your own requirements. Engineers who are not just capable of creating 3D impressions but can also provide actual, real-scale prototypes. Our consultants will be happy to help you with the incorporation of our proven solutions into your shop ttings, or, alternatively, with the realization of your own and unique display design.

In addition to its skilled engineers and consultants, Codema WEVAB also has its own production facility. Our workplace is equipped with advanced machinery and we manufacture all aluminium products ourselves. That is how we can keep control, be exible and guarantee a consistent quality. We operate within a network of specialized suppliers and are therefore able to offer you complete end products, regardless of their composition or complexity.